Samsung Expands Buyer-First Care Expertise with New Self-Restore Program

By offering customer-focused care expertise nationwide, Samsung regularly offers additional convenient and accessible choices for customers to delay the use of their gadgets, promote a circular economic system and reduce electronic waste. At the moment, Samsung Electronics America has presented that owners of Galaxy gadgets will be able to take over the restoration of products for Samsung’s most fashionable fashions, the Galaxy S20 and S21 and the Galaxy Tab S7+ starting this summer. Samsung customers will have access to real gadget elements, restoration instruments and intuitive, visible and step-by-step restoration guides. Samsung is collaborating with iFixit, the leading online restaurant service, on this program. Additional information will be shared as soon as self-repair is offered.

To begin with, the owners of Galaxy gadgets will be able to exchange their assemblies, again glass and charging ports, and return the used items to Samsung for responsible recycling. Sooner or later, Samsung plans to expand self-repair to additional gadgets and repairs from our extensive product portfolio.

”At Samsung, we are creating additional methods for customers to increase the life of our goods with high-end care experiences,” said Ramon Gregory, senior vice president of buyer service at Samsung Electronics America. “The availability of self-repair will provide our customers with comfort and additional choices for sustainable options.”

“We are excited to be consulting with Samsung to help them develop an answer for the do-it-yourself elements and restore the information”” said Kyle Wiens, CEO of iFixit. “Every time you repair a tool, you are serving the planet.”

Samsung has an unlimited community of same-day services, masking 80% of the inhabitants of America, the place where customers can enter more than 2,000 zones for cellular products. Samsung also has more than 550 “We Come to You” vans offering in-person service within a 30- to 60-minute drive-and a restoration time usually of two hours or much less. Offering additional help nationwide, Samsung will ship customers an empty field to bundle their cell phones and schedule a toll-free home pickup through Samsung’s postal service. Shoppers can also drop off their package at a UPS retailer in the area.

Galaxy smartphone owners can extend the life of their gadgets thanks to Samsung’s extensive maintenance choices, as well as:

  • Same-day in-person Service: Accessible through our Licensed Service Facilities and Samsung service areas, customers have the peace of mind of realizing that any restoration is taken care of by Samsung — with Samsung certified executives, real elements, and consists of all companies under warranty and out of warranty.
  • We come to your service: Samsung will go directly to customers for repairs, which will save them time and make it easier to get restoration companies under warranty and out of warranty.
  • Unbiased Service Providers (ISPs): The Samsung ISP community is just an alternative choice available to Samsung customers that offers same-day service, Wi-fi Business Service Excellence (WISE) licensed areas and trained technicians, real Samsung elements and in-depth out-of-warranty companies.

Sustainability is at the heart of Samsung’s mission, from our products to our practices and operations. Together with healthcare companies, Samsung is simplifying the recycling of unusable technologies at more than 1,700 drop-off points across the country. Each gadget provides the 1.2 billion pounds of electronic waste that the company has reused or recycled in the United States since 2009. Samsung invites people to help us regularly make changes that have a significant impact.

To find a Samsung authorized service center near you, visit the store locator. Clients can also make an appointment online at /.

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