How to type in Nepali Unicode using Preeti Font ?

Is Nepali typing difficult – here’s how you can do it easily!

Do you want to learn How to type in Nepali Unicode using Preeti Font? Well for those who are not used to Nepali typing, it’s surely not an easy task to type in the Nepali fonts. For us, it takes ages to even get started or to write a single Nepali word. In case of emergency, we actually use the Nepali Font – Preeti and then go to a symbol to look for each word and insert it. But then the process is very difficult and takes ages to complete.

Anyway, but that was an old way, now you can easily type in English yet Nepali. Confusing? Well, there are many online converters that can convert like RAM to राम which makes the work super quick and easy. Here’s how to type in Nepali Unicode using Preeti Font.

Here’s how it works:

First, go to the site: Click here & type what you want to type in Englis which will automatically convert the text into Nepali



After that open a notepad and copy the Nepali Text and paste it into the notepad



Again go to this link and paste the Nepali text there at the top and click on “Click here to convert to Preeti Font”

Convert to Preeti

If you do not have then Download the Preeti Font from this link  (Open the Zip file and double click on the file & Install it (at the top left)

Preeti Font

If you already have the Preeti Font (you don’t need to re-install it). After installing the font simply open your Word Document and copy the Preeti text from the website to the document – and you are all ready to go. If in case the text appeared in English, please select all the text (Ctrl + A ) and choose Preeti font at the top left as marked by red in the following image.

Make sure there's preeti

We really hope this was a helpful lesson for you and that you have now learnt to type in Nepali Unicode using Preeti Font.