Morbius’ Publish-Credit Scenes with Vulture, Defined

In the first scene, the sky fills with purple and crackling vitality, probably the result of the multiverse confusion spell of Physician Unusual in Spider-Man: No Means Dwelling (2021). Adrian Toomes materializes in an empty prison cell and looks at himself in a mirror, making sure he’s all there, before joking “”I hope the price is higher on this joint.”The scene boils down to an information report detailing the strangeness of Toomes’ gaze in the detention facility, even though he has no prior report. The anchor examines {that a} listen has been set, which “can probably cause it to launch quickly.”Toomes is then escorted directly into a police car by a number of officers.

It’s a bat. He’s a chook. This is the beginning of a sinister thing. Sony’s new entry into the Spider-Man universe, Morbius, paves the way for the franchise and doubles its connections to the adjacent Marvel cinematic universe with two mid-credits scenes. Every Adrian Toomes feature by Michael Keaton, aka the Vulture, in retaliation for his 2017 Spider-Man: Homecoming feature. And he apparently has big plans for Spider-Man.

The question of how Toomes was transported from the MCU to the SSU puzzled some viewers, because the fate of Unusual at the end of No Means Dwelling would have only brought the villains who had violated the multiverse back to their unique dimensions. However, there is no evidence that the wizard’s spell did not even have unexpected penalties, as we have seen with every main spell he forged in the MCU. (Actually, he should be working on that.) Keep in mind that the multiverse is rapidly branching into new realities because of Loki’s opportunities. Thus, Vulture’s dimensional leap from the MCU to the world inhabited by Morbius and Venom could be the result not only of a flaw in the fate of Unusual, but of an impending multiverse madness.

This is not to say that the post-credits scene of Dwelling could have already hinted at a flaw in the fate, provided that when Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) is transported back to his world, a little of the Venom symbiote will be left in the MCU. Obviously, not all the resident creatures who were aware that Peter Parker is Spider-Man were sent away. Is the symbiote left in the identical universe that the Vulture simply left a form of cosmic equilibrist? We just don’t know but; as he tells Peter (Tom Holland) by no means, “the multiverse is an idea about which we all know terribly little.”The same goes for Marvel’s guidelines on magic. Little has been established on the screen with regard to what can and cannot be achieved with magic and the following prizes.

Morbius’ second mid-credits scene appears to occur a day later, and finds Michael Morbius driving to a remote gathering place, the place where Vulture arrives on time. Eagle-eyed viewers might recognize that his wingsuit, while comparable, is simply not identical because the one we noticed at Homecoming. The truth is that it is remarkably like the Vulture wings that we noticed in a glass case in the Superb Spider-Man 2 (2014), suggesting that this world could also be dedicated to Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man.

Vulture said to Morbius: “Thank you for helping me, doc. I studied about you. I don’t understand how I acquired here … one thing to do with Spider-Man. I am considering placing a workforce collectively. Do good.- Morbius is content to answer, Intriguing.”This is a transparent signal that Sony is moving forward with the Sinister Six spin-off that it has been planning since 2014.

It should also be noted that Morbius, who has not been a member of the Sinister Six in the comics in any way, does not explicitly comply with Vulture’s proposal and apparently has no connection with Spider-Man. What this implies for Morbius’ anti-heroism and his search for a cure remains to be seen. All we can say is that nothing in the two mid-credits scenes contradicts Any means of habitation, and there is clearly a supplement to this story and to the principles of the multiverse that we hope to see defined in future films.

However, what is Vulture’s beef with Spider-Man, if it results from the fate of Unusual, he no longer remembers who Peter Parker is? We are speculating, but Toomes probably still remembers Spider-Man-at the moment there is no private connection with him, no information that he is just a child. Spider-Man is simply the man who locked him up and caused his household to leave him. We all know that the previous acts of Spider-Man were not canceled by fate, no less than as evidenced by the sports activities of MJ (Zendaya) on the finishing of No Means Dwelling and the broken Statue of Liberty that we talk about in Hawkeye. All indicators indicate that the battle between Vulture and Spider-Man nevertheless took place.

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