Nepal Post Corona

Is Nepal safe to travel COVID-19?

Well, there are certainly lots of factors that should be taken into consideration, however, Nepal at the moment is open for travel and has put some minimal restrictions as compared to other nations. However, it is very important to take the necessary measures and break the chain of coronavirus. Here are some simple things you can adapt:

1. Maintain Social Distance Especially Indoors
2. Wear Masks in Public while traveling around in the local communities or on a local transport
3. Wash hands using Soap and Water or a sanitizer
4. Respect and follow the rules and regulations as made by the communities, hotels, lodges, restaurants, etc
5. If you require more information ask your guides or travel agencies
6. And take all the necessary precautions.

These are only the basic guidelines; everyone is requested to take necessary measures as required. The rules may change as to how things work in the near future, but Nepal will continue to welcome you all.