Mr. Sagar Dhital

Inspirational Story of Mr. Sagar Dhital

Life is not easy but if you have the motivation, you can achieve anything you’d want. Meet Sagar Dhital, who is the first Doctor from his village Roshi Gau Palika. The path of being a Doctor was definitely not easy for him. Remembering his old days Mr. Dhital says “He had to walk long hours (nearly 4) every single day to get to his school, and sadly without having much to eat or even the shoes. He also shares a terrifying story that one of his friends had passed away due to a tiger attack, as they had to walk through the jungle in Class 5.”

Back then, it was definitely not easy. Education wasn’t the top priority or in fact, was at the lowest. The education offered wasn’t of the highest remark either. Families would rather insist on selling eggs and urge for other activities. We had quite a harsh experience, selling eggs to buy the basic supplies, reading and writing under the lamps, and many more. But despite the struggle, Mr. Dhital secured the top position from all the government schools during his School Leaving Certificate examination – which led him to get a scholarship for his future studies.

Mr. Dhital was then working in Dhulikhel hospital as a teacher after his B.S.C. He then met many people, especially Germans who inspired him to carry his further studies in Germany and become a Doctor. He then went to German, passed his Medical Education from one of the best uni – LMU in 2013. He is now is a role model and has been supporting many children with a weak financial background, for their studies and as well as contributing to road constructions in his village. Mr. Dhital plans to go back to Dhulikhel Hospital after completing his course and work in Nepal.

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