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How to get a FREE Domain in Nepal (.np)?

You can get a free .np domain ( or etc) from Mercantile Communication Pvt. Ltd in Nepal. Any individual or organization can acquire a domain without paying any annual charges. These domains are absolutely free (at least as of now) but are served on a first come first serve basis, meaning if someone else has already taken the domain, you will not be able to acquire that domain.

Here are the following steps you can take to register a free domain.


  1. In the case of individuals (like, you will require a request letter to register the domain (Cover Letter) & a scanned copy of citizenship (total 2 items)
  2. For a company, you’d need The Company Registration Certificate, PAN certificate (optional), and a domain request letter (Cover letter) in the company’s letter pad (Letter pad should include the company’s logo and stamp & the authorized signature) – Total 3 items


1. First, visit the website

2. After visiting the site, you will see an option for “Check domain availability” – please search the domain you want. Please note you can only register the domain as per your name on the citizenship (for Individual) and as per the Organization’s registered document in case of a company.

  • For Example: If your name is Ram Adhikari and if is taken you can look for options like or or or something similar you are not allowed to register ram’
  • For a Company: If the name registered in your company is ABC Pvt. ltd, then you can register (if that’s taken then or but not

3.If your domain is available then click on “REGISTER NOW”

4. For new user – click on Create User and fill-up the form:

  • Full Name
  • User email :
  • Password:
  • Confirm Password:

5. After filling this form, you will receive an email to activate. Please check your inbox (the email id you used on 4 #2) & click on VERIFY

6. Then re-login to and fill up the other information, while all the information about your name and other details, you will need to fill the server name. You will need a HOSTING to keep your website files, so where ever you have the host, please keep that there for example:

  • Primary name server:
  • Secondary name server: [or it could be any – ask your hosting provider]

7. Then submit the document (for the company you can submit additional documents for PAN, it’s optional, Copy of Company registration is mandatory)

After following all the procedures, it will take a few days (2-4 days) and your website will be registered.