Geomagnetic Storm Watch After Two Massive Photo voltaic Flares Erupt

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

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The region’s Climate Prediction Center, a division of NOAA, has issued a geomagnetic storm forecast through March 31, 2022.  There have been two eruptions of photo voltaic solar flares on Earth dealing with the aspect. The Corona mass ejection (CME) that follows is at the top of our means and measured as G3, or Robust!

Here’s a look at what happened and the forecast.

Solar Plot

A considerable Nordic TV show is expected, but in addition to the possibility of impacting and disrupting satellite TV for PC communications. This can have an effect on subscriptions to GPS, TV, radio and cell phone service. In an excessive occasion, this may have an effect on the grid and the canvas of the installation. Essentially, the last and most excessive case dates back to March 1989, when the installation’s network in Quebec, Canada, was overwhelmed by the electromagnetic exercise.

The storm was on March 28, and tracked right here by the Area Climate Prediction Heart

Dr. Younger plotted 6 Mflares and greater than 10 Cflares. Additionally 2 Halo CMEs!

Geomagnetic Storm Watch 

Please be aware that this states March 31. This TONIGHT in Common Time

The Earth is protected by the magnetosphere. These storms lead to northern lights in the Northern hemisphere, also known as the northern lights.   The stronger a storm, the more the observed wind can reach the south.

This one has a very good chance of reaching elements of New York and Pennsylvania.

For it to make it into Maryland, we’d like:

  • A Planetary Index (Kp) of seven/8
  • Peak arrival at night time
  • Planetary Ok Index
  • A transparent sky

Forecast Kp

Aurora Viewing

Cloud Forecast 12 AM – Midnight

Regionally that is going to be ‘iffy’

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