Manang Fire

Fire in Manang’s forest still out of hands

This is definitely not good news. A wildfire in Manang’s forest still seems to be out of the hands, even after two months have passed. Undoubtedly lots of animals and plants have been severely damaged and are very threatening and not a good sign.

While the locals, army, and concerned authorities are trying to control the fire, due to difficult geography it has been very difficult to access the area. In recent days, many parts of the country have witnessed a fire in the forest, which is something to be aware of.

Update on Manang's Forest Fire: The fire is still not under control after nearly 2 months as it has affected many remote Forests which are geographically complex to access. Locals, authorities & army is trying to control fires in accessible areas. T...
Pic: Navin Lamichhane/RSS