Awareness: Recent fog has decreased visibility a lot & road accident cases are increasing. We request people to use proper lights while driving on roads. Please drive slowly in own lane and be extra careful in residential areas. People should not cro...

Be extra careful on your wheelers – Nepal

It’s time to be really extra careful on your wheelers! The recent fog has made it difficult to see ride or drive around, as the visibility is very low. This is one of the reasons recently for most of the accidents happening. Thus, it’s vital for everyone to be very cautious while on road. For those riding/driving please use the proper lights and those walking must also be very alert and careful about the vehicle movement as it may not be visible for the driver to see the road clearly because of the fog. Thus, please be very careful while on the road.

Additionally, the fog has also affected lots of flights. The flights to places like Bhairawa, Chitwan, etc have been directly affected.

Pic. @__prakash_photography