License Nepal

Are you waiting for your Smart License – Nepal?

Like many, you might be wondering if your license has actually arrived or not. Well, unfortunately, it does take quite a long time to get the smart license after the application. For some, it has worked as fast as 3 months while for some it has taken more than a year time. Anyway, the fastest way to check if your license has arrived or not is by going to the website:

On the website – you can simply input your license number which will look like this 01-06-12345678

License Nepal
It will then show you the status of the license has been printed or not. It is advised to visit the center after “1 month” (seriously) after you have the license Print status.



And if you want to search the License Info you can try this link: [This is not to check the Print Status but to see the info about your license] – This again may or may not work!

License Check Nepal